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千赢体育下载_千赢客户端_千亿体育 was established in August 2004. It is located in Guozhuang Town, Pingdu. Lying in the east of Shandong Peninsula with 20km away from Pingdu in the south, Guozhuang Town is a new town with a strong development momentum in the industry and agriculture. The company is 40km away from Qingdao International Airport, 60km from Qingdao Port, 2km from Guozhuang Entrance of Qingdao-Yinchuan Expressway, and 4km from the entrance of China National Highway, with excellent geographical position, convenient traffic, and obvious regional advantages. Guozhuang Town is one of the main grain and vegetable production bases in Qingdao City, and the main distribution center of chilis in Shandong Peninsula, famous as the “Town of Chili”.
In recent years, Guozhuang has driven the agriculture with the industry and given full play to the leading role of the backbone agricultural product manufacturers, as a result, the vegetable area has been expanded to 50,000 mu in Guozhuang. It is the vegetable production base rich in resources in Qingdao, teeming with over 20 ingredients for pickled vegetables such as Chinese cabbages, onions, garlic and chilis. On such basis, our company was established with a registered capital of RMB 5 million with an area of 100 mu and a construction area of over 30,000 m2. Currently, the company has four pickled vegetable workshops, one chili powder workshop, one fresh vegetable workshop, one frozen vegetable workshop, over 400 employees and fixed assets of RMB 94 million. The company has obtained the export and import right, with the registration number of frozen chilis, pickled vegetables and sauces exported to South Korea, and registration number of fresh vegetables, chestnuts and chili products. In 2008, it passed the inspection of HACCP. It mainly deals in agricultural products such as pickled vegetables, chili products, frozen vegetables and fresh vegetables, with an annual output of about 30,000 tons of pickled vegetables, 15,000 tons of frozen chilis, 20,000 tons of fresh vegetables, 3,000 tons of dried chilis, and 5,000 tons of condiments. Its products have been sold well in South Korea, Japan, America, Canada, Southeast Asia, Middle East and Turkmenistan, etc. The export mainly focuses on South Korea, and the company currently has 10 frozen chili customers, 15 pickled vegetable customers and four condiment customers in South Korea. The pickled vegetables of our company are made from fresh vegetables rich in vitamin, calcium and phosphor, etc, which can provide sufficient nutrition for human body and prevent the diseases such as arteriosclerosis. The formula of pickled vegetables originates from South Korea with pure taste and high nutrition. With people’s higher requirements on the life quality, the pickled vegetables will enjoy great popularity in both the national banquets and daily diets.
In 2010, our company realized the export volume of USD14 million and an annual output of 100,000 tons of vegetables, among which the export volume of pickled vegetables ranked the first for six consecutive years in China.

Our company boasts the design patent certificate entitled the packing box of pickled vegetables with the patent number of ZL2008 3 0324711.X and registration place in Guozhuang Town, Pingdu, Qingdao, Shandong. We are certified to HACCP Quality System in the food industry, and have registered the trademark of Ancient Pickled Vegetables in China and over ten trademarks in foreign countries such as Yamano Pickled Vegetables, Taedong River Pickled Vegetables, Thumb Pickled Vegetables, Village Pickled Vegetables, Taste Pickled Vegetables, Field Pickled Vegetables, Sun Prosperity Pickled Vegetables and Polar Pickled Vegetables. Its products are mainly exported to South Korean and Japanese markets. There are several marketing institutions such as Taedong River, Yamano, Village, Sun Prosperity and Field, etc in South Korea, and Hometown in Japan.